Filing Compliance 

Tax Return Filing Compliance

Filing accurate and timely tax returns is the best method to avoid future tax problems.  If you need assistance filing current or past due return, then we are here to help.

Many of our clients seek assistance with tax return filing compliance problems after not filing tax returns for one or more tax years.  In most cases the problems do not catch up with the taxpayer immediately.  However, if a tax return remains un-filed eventually the tax agencies will file the return on your behalf.

Filing Enforcement

The applicable tax agencies will eventually prepare the taxpayers’ return.  This almost always results in a larger tax bill than would have existed if the taxpayer filed their own return.  The IRS and State use information available to them from third parties like employers, banks, and other government agencies estimate your tax liability.  In addition to the tax liability, penalties ands interest.

Resolving Your Tax Return Filing Compliance Issues

We have helped many taxpayers resolve their delinquent tax return problems through Delinquent Tax Return Preparation.  The process of resolving tax return filing compliance issues generally involves the following steps:

  1. Hire an experienced tax attorney.
  2. We contact the appropriate tax agencies to negotiate a collection hold to prevent bank levies, wage garnishments, and tax liens from being filed.
  3. With your assistance and information provided by the tax agencies, we gather the income, expense, tax credit, and tax payment information for the tax year at issue.
  4. We prepare and file the missing tax returns.
  5. We represent you in negotiations with the tax agencies to resolve any remaining tax liabilities through Installment Agreements, Hardship Status, or and Offer In Compromise.

If you require Delinquent Tax Return Preparation services, then call AB Tax Law APC at 1-888-351-3707 for a free evaluation of your tax case.

Next Step

If you have a tax return filing compliance problem, then you should consult with an experienced tax attorney first. We provide free tax  evaluations to taxpayers.  Request your free evaluation today.

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